Tips on Choosing a Law Firm Answering Service

19 Dec

Time is a precious commodity and if one is running a busy law firm they do not have the time to answer all calls that come into the business. This is true because a bulk of those calls do not lead to business. Some of the callers will simply want to take up your time and even try to get pro bono services. This time spent receiving such calls would have been better spent handling cases and chasing prospective leads.

Thus for many law firms a legal intake service is the best option. If the law firm is hiring a lawyer call centre then they need to make sure that the virtual receptionists are trained to handle such calls. The virtual receptionists also need to triage the calls and prioritize them so that they can determine the next step to take.

With a good outsourced call centre it is still very possible to give the client the best answering service for attorneys during the first contact without having to get directly involved. A good lawyer call center can perform many activities like processing new clients, sending them the right documents from the firm, identifying potential prospects and scheduling appointments that will lead to business. These call centers can also design call scripts that can be used to get new clients, perform authentication duties and prioritize the most vital and qualified leads for the law firm.

The first step begins with selecting the right call answering service. The client needs to find out what the strategic goals of hiring the professional answering service will be. This is because getting a legal answering service is a huge business decision that requires justification and have sound strategic reasons as to why it is being done. When deciding to hire a professional answering service the business owner needs to know what the objectives for hiring the answering service will be so that they can create a great working relationship with call answering company and derive as much benefit as they can from that. Some of the reasons could be that the firm wants to reduce costs while at the same time increasing the rate of capturing leads. Knowing what one wants makes it easier to select a legal answering service that meets those needs from the word go. Having clear objectives helps the business owner eliminate applicants and remain with the most suited applicant to offer call answering services. To get more tips on how to choose the best legal answering service, go to

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